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Looking beautiful is being healthy

Our integrative wellness center will have you looking and feeling better than you have in years. Treat yourself to a world of pampering, relaxation and stimulation, and cutting-edge treatments.

Experience the healing powers of LIBBE colon hydrotherapy.
LIBBE - THE HIGHEST QUALITY IN SAFETY AND SANITATION (set by FDA - United States Food and Drug Administration, International Regulation ISO 13485:2003, Health Canada, Mexico and others).

Libbe Colon Hydrotherapy session: $110.00
Medical Colon Hydrotherapy session: $150.00
Liver Cleanse Support (package of two): $210.00
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Sashaa Wellness provides professional, licensed staff and state-of- the-art techniques and equipment to guarantee you a calming and purifying experience that will detoxify, purify, and restore your natural body function and calm mind.

Our premier treatments, such as colon hydrotherapy, holistic aromatherapy facials and skin treatments, are focused on realigning your mind-body connection through gentle procedures utilizing organic products. We also offer European facials, glycolactic anti-aging treatments, and laser hair removal services that offer fast results.

Our professional staff dedicate themselves to your treatment. Age and stress melt away as we help you restore the youth and vitality you need to keep up with the daily shows, shops, soirees and stresses of life in this great city.

The only problem is, you may not want to leave. Pleasant surprises await you at Sashaa Wellness. You never know who you’ll meet, what new musician, author or artist you’ll be turned on to, or what intriguing conversation you’ll find yourself a part of. But most importantly, our world-class results will keep you coming back.

Treat yourself, and allow us to treat you.

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