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Libbe Colon Hydrotherapy session: $110.00
Highest in quality, safety and sanitation. Colon Hydrotherapy is gentle, clean and relaxing. A soothing flow of purified water is instilled into the colon through a disposable colonic nozzle. This "size-of-a-pencil" nozzle is easily inserted into the rectum to cleanse (evacuate) the contents of your lower colon. The pressure, temperature and flow of water can all be regulated throughout the procedure. There is no odor. This treatment works wonders. It improves overall health and encourages detoxification.


  • Gravity-Fed Design
  • Built in Ultra-Violet Water Purification
  • Built in Sediment 5 micron Filter System
  • Odorless Vent
  • Disposable Rectal Tubes

Medical Colon Hydrotherapy session: $150.00
Herbal supplements such as chlorophyll, coffee, etc. are used in our Medical Colon Hydrotherapy treatments. These are administered only with a current prescription from your physician.

Liver Cleanse Support (package of two): $210.00
Your liver is a multi-functional organ. One of its main functions is to filter, remove, and breakdown toxins. Your liver also metabolizes ingested drugs, including pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol. With such a heavy workload, you can see why the liver works best when cleaned out once in a while.

Toxins are chemicals with potentially harmful effects. They come from many sources and accumulate in the liver:

  • Alcohol and Caffeine
  • Medications
  • Pesticides
  • Impure water and air
  • Sugar, artificial sweeteners, and many others…

Toxins in your liver and gallbladder can cause chronic disease as well as fatigue, headaches, nausea, weight gain, premature aging, heart problems and more.

Colonic detoxification is an integral part of any health cleanse. At Sashaa Wellness, we offer support during liver cleanse diets, liver and gallbladder detoxification, colon cleanses, and candida cleanses. Additionally, we support the following cleanses:

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